» ALC Block Plant 45 m3 / Day (Aerated Light Weight Concrete)

ALC Block Plant 45 m3 - Gubbi Enterprises

We are one of the leading manufacturers of ALC plant in India. Serving their clients with its perfection, efficiency and quality of work.


Company manufactures these state of the art machineries, used in producing ALC blocks. Customer person can get trained in live production at our plant before landing of the equipment at customer premises. ALC blocks are made to aerate by creating a reaction between silica in base material such as Fly ash, Lime, Aluminium powder & Cement.

Advantages of Blocks

Thermal Insulation:
ALC blocks offer excellent thermal insulation. This reduces recurring cost of energy required for heating and cooling.

Faster Construction:
Buildings can be built with ALC blocks 50% faster compared to clay bricks. This translates to lower project completion times benefiting project developers.

Environmental Impact:
ALC blocks are a requisite for green buildings. AAC blocks are made from fly ash – an industrial waste product – generated by thermal power plants, it offers a low cost and sustainable solution for today and tomorrow.

Fire resistant:
This Advantage of Block is totally inorganic and is incombustible. The product is especially suited for fire-rated applications

Advantages of Plant

Being plant is tailor made its suits to many customer for making workable wrt the market condition & investment plan.

Being indigenous and optimum automation makes the plant economical.

Mix design setting at plant is important function. Any new operation can be sent to working plant at Wada and get trained. This facility can be availed before equipment land at customer and site or at later stage.

Proven Technology:
The working plant is available for customer demonstration to have understanding of the plant.

  • Blender


  • Mixing Section

    Mixing Section

  • Screw Conveyor

    Screw Conveyor

  • Material Hopper with Motor

    Material Hopper with Motor

  • Slurry Tank

    Slurry Tank

  • Cutting Section

    Cutting Section

  • Mould Trolley

    Mould Trolley

  • Steam Boiler

    Steam Boiler

  • Steam Curing Chember

    Steam Curing Chember