» European Non Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Plant (NAAC)

NAAC - Non Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Plant | Gubbi Enterprises in Mumbai

European plant available in India (Non-autoclaved technology) It is also known as light weight brick machinery & light weight bricks making machine


Light weight brick machinery is designed to produce the aerated concrete blocks. The mixer for aerated concrete is placed fixedly, the moulds transfer from pouring point to cutting point. Loading and dosing of components are carried out automatically - the materials through belt and screw conveyors are fed to intermediate hoppers suspended on the tensiometers. Dosing control terminal in case of reaching required weight turns off the conveyors. Components are poured into the mixer manually by opening of the bolt. Cutting of an array is carried out with the automatic cutting installation. Movement of the moulds on the rail track is organized through automatic push devices.

Advantages of Plant

Cost Effective:
Being Non-autoclaved technology, drastic, cost reduction wrt. Capital investment.

Modular 100 Cubic meter Plant:
Medium scale plant made available, at the same time, balances quality and operating expenses.

Superior Technology:
Batching plant has been made automated as per the minimum requirement. Provision of separate cutting machine for vertical and horizontal cutting of the cake.

Quality can be attained in Non-autoclaved aeration technology, sand also can be used in absence of Fly ash.

Automation as per requisites:
Plant automation can be modified as per the requirement. Presently, automation provided keeping in view of capital investment and operating expenses.

  • Cutting Section

    Cutting Section

  • Hydraulic Pusher

    Hydraulic Pusher

  • Mould


  • Vertical Cutting Machine

    Vertical Cutting Machine

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  • Mixer


  • Wire Cut Machine

    Wire Cut Machine

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  • Control Unit

    Control Unit

  • AAC Block Making Machine

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  • AAC Plant Supplier

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